Amalthia Superpower-Saving-Control System
This controller is fitted with digital and analogue instruments and it is equipped with a fault diagnostic system. Each function of the machine can be controlled individually with a display.

Construction of the machine
All machines are designed to provide easy access for routine maintenance and they are constructed in accordance with the European safety legislation. The frame of each machine is build from solid steel parts welded together to a fixed flat based steel frame which need no special foundations when it is put into operation.

Mould Table
The mould table is in an enclosed case which is formed by airtight panels. It is lifted by hydraulic cylinders and it is guided by gears which are running on racks to ensure a quick, well-based and precise movement. The moulds are put on a light steel plate. To provide easy mould release there is o two speed table down control.

Clamping Frame
The clamping frame is operated pneumatically. It is a vertical lift clambing lift clamping frame which consist of adjustable, nickel-plated long bars and fixed nickel-plated short bars. Thus the sheet uniformly held on to the frame during the forming process

Vacuum System
In the base frame on the machine is an integral vacuum reservoir. To this reservoir a rotary vane pump is connected which is electrically driven by a 3 phase motor.

Pneumatic System
This system is equipped with ISO standard control valves and cylinders as well as with pressure regulators for control and mould release functions. All equipment is designers to provide easy access for maintenance.

Automatic Sheet Sag Control
This unit controls automatically the sheet sag after the heading period. It can also be used manually

Automatic Mould Area Ventilation
With this system the mould area is automatically ventilated after the sheet sag control function

Product Cooling
Electrically driven high flow centrifugal fans guarantee the product cooler. This system is controlled by function timers

Bath Forming Upgrade
With this system firm material like acrylic sheet can be processed. The reinforced framework of the machine makes it possible to operate with larger diameter clamp frames and mould table hydraulic cylinders.